Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hayward teachers on strike today for the 16.84%

Hayward teachers on strike today for the 16.12% increase over two years, which is .72% less than16.84%.
Teachers arrived in front of the Hayward schools with picket signs as early as 6:30 in the morning.
A rally will be held at Birchfield Park today at 11:00 AM.
Teachers chanted "Shame on you!" calling the few subs that show up at school "scabs." Substitute teachers are paid $300 each day they substitute.
The district is "slapping us on the face and treating the subs like Kings and Queens," said Tennyson High School's Foreign language teacher Cynthia Earl. "The subs are getting more pay than some of the new teachers."
"The district needs to pay the raise," said Senior Michelle Akpala. "If Hayward teachers are the lowest paid, no one wants to come. We'll be getting leftover teachers who are not qualified and [have] no credentials to teach."
"No teachers, no learning" chanted the teachers who were blocking the parking entrance.
Hayward Teachers will be on strike until a settlement is reached.
According to the Attendance Clerks of Tennyson High School, the school started off with 150 students admitted to the cafeteria. Students then were separated into different classes according to their grades. Many students left campus before second block even began.
"It worries me that our kids are out in the street," said Tennyson High School parent Claudia Vidal. "I didn't send my child to school because there is more danger out there than in my house."
Most students hope that the strike will soon end fearing that perhaps, "the school year will be longer," said Sophomore Yuliana Tafolla.
School today will continue with substitutes and the regular bell schedules.

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tamsler said...

Your reporting is accurate, however HEA is not talking too much about the 16+% raise anymore. It may be clearer if you focus on the fact that HEA is negotiating for an 8.08% this year and 4% next year plus COLA. Good work journalists. Did you find out about the districts new proposal on April 4th? You'll want to include that as well.