Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hayward Teachers at Birchfield park

The Hayward teachers went to Birchfield Park to negotiate with the district about the 16.12% raise.

Hayward Education Association (HEA) informed the community about the last round of negotiations held with the school board members.

The district gave “the last worst offer, a 3%, which is like a bonus,” said HEA President Kathleen Crummey. “We have 98% of the teachers protesting… I think they can at least offer 8%.”

“I feel horrible,” said Superintendent Dale Vigil. “For every day they are out, they don’t get paid and we want them to come back. We very much want to get back to the table and negotiate again, but right now we don’t see things the same. We have eight million dollars but that’s ongoing money, and we see that eight million dollars as a one time use only. Once we spend it this year, we can’t spend it anymore.”

“Three top officials from the district gave themselves 16.84% raise,” said Crummey.

At the rally teachers received wide support from many Teacher Unions such as California Teachers Association (CTA) and National Education Association (NEA).

At the end of the school day, only 30 students remained in Tennyson High School supervised by five “scabs”.

According to Soledad Padilla, as parents, many will keep their children out of school until there is a fair contract. More than likely it is possible that the strike would continue tomorrow, Friday, April 6, and pick up again when students are expected to return from spring break Monday, April 16.


tamsler said...

Great story! Thanks for keeping us all informed about the strike, you all are amazing.

Adam said...

Congratulations to Tennyson High School reporters! You have found alternative ways to spread the news, which clearly demonstrates your committment to your teachers and school. Right on! Keep us informed.

Karen Zapata said...

It's great to hear from Tennyson High School reporters about the strike, thank you for keeping the larger community plugged in to what's going on.

I heard Dolores Huerta is joining the picket line today, yea! Would love to read a story about this.

Keep up the great journalism.